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Working on Easter

Between what happened with customers tonight to having to work on Easter, Im not too happy with Sears at the moment. Ill especially be upset if I dont get Saturday off, its very important to my mom that I go to the baby shower with her, and so Ill call out if I have to.

Other than that, everything is okay.

As mentioned in the last entry, I did get a haircut...of sorts. Everyone will see it on Monday if Im at school, and if not, then Tuesday. Pictures of it will be up soon after everyone sees it. I want to wear it up to work, but then again, I dont, because I want people to get the full effect. BLAHBLAHBLAHARGH.

I <333 Reilly, because she can cheer me up like WOAH when Im sad and upset with things.

I finally got my checks and my new Debit card.

Im debating on not coming to school on Monday, because I just dont want to. I mean, I can say I was on vacation or something, no one would ever know or anything. AHHGH, I think Im just going to go. Of course, this is providing that I get my English Essay and French homework done x.x;; damned.

I want to write my MLA English paper like, right now... but I dont have the already typed shit that I have at the school library here. Its so hard to put together an essay thats so incredibly easy.

I got a new pair of sneakers to replace an old pair. I need to buy a shoe rack for my closet, and some of those huge container things to put under my bed for out of season clothes and the like. Im planning on kind-of re-doing my room, and my bathroom. It should be fun. Hopefully x.x;;

Okay, night time for me. I have to be at work at noon.

Talk to you all laters <33
OH, and an OFFICIAL Happy Birthday to Danielle!
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