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Albany was pretty good.

Ah, who am I kidding, I couldnt hear the other parts of the chorus, and, as always, Sopranos were really pitchy.

And of course, the pitchy ones are the ones that belt and make it impossible to hear the altos, tenors and basses. Someone.shoot.them.plzkthx. I mean, I thought there was a reason to have AUDITIONS. So that way, you could kick out the pitchy ones, the ones who SHOULDNT be in a chamber choir -.-

On the way back on the bus, we amused ourselves Cindy style, and we reminised about all the songs we did in past years in chorus. I got stuck on the name of a song I was thinking of, but then I came home and found it just now.

Good times on the bus though, between calling Joey, to being all like "AWWWWW" to like, eating brownies that were definately not totally brownies so Lauren wouldnt eat them. We had such a good time. I wish we could have stayed for longer though because there was so much to do and look at that I didnt get to do last time. ;-;


and I have to go to work tonight.

<333 Christina
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