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To elaborate on before

Its actually not everyone, just a few people in particular.

Well two, and one is myself.

So that means, Im frustrated with another person besides me

Yes, just one, and its enough to make me want to go somewhere abandoned and scream as loud as I can in frustration. Oh how I wish.

I think its time to start planning my escape.

I think Reillys idea for me to come down there for a weekend was a good one.

I think Im going to do it if I can find out how to without a liscense. Im sure there are trains though.

I think I need to break out.

I think Im tired of hating how I look, and Im tired of being frustrated, and run down, and tired, and Im tired of this, this freaking cycle that never ends, and Im tired of not being taken care of the way that I should be, and Im tired of it all and I just want to go far away and come back and hope that everything is fixed.

But it will just be worse

Freaking helpless. Im so fucking hopeless that its not funny sometimes.

I really just want to scream at something, at someone, somewhere where no one can hear, just scream and scream, LOUD about everything I HATE about my life and maybe that will make me feel better, instead of listening to angry angsty music that just makes me more annoyed with myself and my life.

Then again, its about time for this to happen, it hasnt in awhile, and Ive been expecting it.

And Im frustrated because my best friend, I feel like I dont know her anymore because we never see eaachother, its like the lyrics in a song that i know, about how meetings mean nothing, becausethey're so short and nothing is ever accomplished.

I want my life back, my normal life
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