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So what do you wish for to catch you when you're falling

Ive got some time to update before work.

I was thinking about calling out again, so I could rest and hang out with Ricky, but I decided against it because that would mean Id only work 2 days this week and that wouldnt be good at all.

Since call for cast is at 4:45 for all the speeches and stuff, and I wont get there until 6, Im hoping that Rachel can stall for me, my speech is really important to me this year, and I wanted to hear Rickys <33

The show last night came off amazingly well. Im so proud of Danielle and Emily, and everyone else that stepped up. My original speech that I wrote yesterday before I knew about Gina said stuff about how Nanuet Theater was about doing something for the better of the show instead of yourself, and I just find it so ironic. I dont know if I should take it out or not. Im probably just going to nix the paper and go with nothing.

I feel so many things right now. All day yesterday all I wanted to do was cry and cry, for everyone else because they couldnt. But, I couldnt because I had to support everyone. Im not bitching about it at all, Im glad that I had that distraction. Im still not okay, and I wont be until this is over, but I cant let on to anyone that Im not okay, because then there's more drama and more people get upset.

I really dont want to go to work. ;-;

Eh, Ill ask Smitha if I can get out early if she's there.

Talk to everyone laters <33
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