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So, at first I thought Id die at rehersal for a few reasons. One, I had no clue how to use spotlight. Two, I heard the musical was going hideously. Three, eh, I just felt like dying.

By the end of rehersal, I not only MASTERED spotlight, but I got a cue that even BRUCE messed up. I got to bond more with Ricky and Zack, and all thee crew/techie people.

I seriously cant wait until opening night.

I have a to-do list for tomorrow which includes moving stuff, fixing stuff, and writing stuff along with headbanging while Im doing it. Having the whole day off from school rocks.

Having to take off of work doesnt, but I can deal, and Im sure Sears can too. Hopefully x.x;;

Okies, Im going to bed now, I have to be up in 6 hours, and Im tired, even though I can nap all day tomorrow if I want.

Night, and congrats to the cast and crew for a great invited dress.
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